Recipes of various meal with photos
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Stuffed goose


stuffed goose


1 goose weight not less 3 kilos and its giblets

a couple thyme sticks

a pinch of fresh black and red pepper

Granular sea salt

For filling:

1 kilo sour cabbage

1 medium size carrot

1 onion

1 tea spoon caraway

Vegetable oil 2-3 table spoons


Pork and pumpkin in turbo oven


pork and pumpkin in turbo oven

It’s not a secret that the marinade you use can significantly affect the way meat tastes. I like coming up with all sorts of different variants of marinade. You can make it with anything as long as the components agree with each other. Today I tried making it from pickle I had left from black olives. I got this very peculiar delicate taste of the pork where you could clearly distinguish the fragrance and astringency of the olives. The meat was very unusual. Next time I will be adding capers instead of pepper, this dish was lacking their intense fragrance.


Stuffed Portobello mushrooms



Portobello mushrooms are a species of champignons. This mushroom tastes real nice and can become a great substitute for meat during Lent. You can make soups with it, cook over a grill and even make barbecue after marinating for just 15 minutes. I was making two kinds of dish from it no-fast and Lenten.

4 Portobello caps
100 gram lentils
1 carrot
150 gram celery root
2 onions
a few cauliflower buds
salt, pepper, nutmeg
a bit of vegetable oil
2 garlic cloves

For a no-fast dish
100 gram sheep cheese
50 gram cheese More…

Vitamin-loaded salad


vegetable salad

This kind of salad is supposed to be served all year long, especially in winter and spring.
It takes minimal amount of time and effort to prepare, and we get so much great stuff in it. The great thing about the salad is that you can use any veggies you find, and no coking is required. Basically, we are gathering all the vitamins in the same salad bowl. When you come up with a good dressing, you can also make it tasty besides being good for you. This salad is irreplaceable during Lent. Another good thing about it is that you can make a lot of it and store in a fridge: its taste and quality will not be affected.


Foie gras or french goose liver pate


foie gras

Foie gras is one of most exquisite dished of the French cuisine. It’s perfect to be served as an appetizer during a party or all sorts of other celebrations.
It_s not as difficult to make foie gras as it may seem, you just need to know certain rules I will share with you here. There are plenty of dishes with foie gras, terrines and creme brule being most popular ones.


about 600 gram foie gras
3 figs
a pinch of salt
a pinch of allspice and regular black pepper
1 tbsp Port or sherry
1 tbsp cognac of Armagnac More…

Turkey roll


turkey roll

The turkey meat turned out very tasty, tender and juicy. Combined with fragrant smoked sausage and melted astringent cheese, it complemented the slightly bitter taste of the cowberry jam. I gave myself an A+ for this recipe :) You can serve it as a cold appetizer or hot, as the main course.


Chicken and vegetables in turbo oven


chicken and vegetables

If there is a busy day ahead, you can afford to spend 30 minutes in the morning to prepare nutritious and hearty breakfast that’s good for you.
You can use the frozen French vegetable mix and precooked chicken breast.
The incomparable fragrance of celery root imparts piquancy to the dish, while carrot has much more useful stuff in it after the cooking if compared to raw carrot. Leek is an unsurpassed source of microelements and vitamins. Besides, the minimal amount of fat is used for cooking, and this is so important for your body.