Foie gras or french goose liver pate | Recipe
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Foie gras or french goose liver pate

foie gras

Foie gras is one of most exquisite dished of the French cuisine. It’s perfect to be served as an appetizer during a party or all sorts of other celebrations.
It_s not as difficult to make foie gras as it may seem, you just need to know certain rules I will share with you here. There are plenty of dishes with foie gras, terrines and creme brule being most popular ones.


about 600 gram foie gras
3 figs
a pinch of salt
a pinch of allspice and regular black pepper
1 tbsp Port or sherry
1 tbsp cognac of Armagnac

1. A couple hours before preparation, take the liver out of the fridge to warm up and become more flexible to process. Goose liver consists of two parts, one bigger than the other. You need to rinse it under cold water, dry with a paper towel and place on a hard board.

foie gras recipe

Now you need to remove veins and arteries. It’s easy to remove them, you just need to pull them out helping with your fingers. Don�t be afraid to ruin the integrity of the liver, in this recipe this is not that important.

French cuisine

Place the liver into a bowl and pour milk or water with some vinegar added over it to cover. Leave in the fridge for a couple hours.

photo recipe

2. Drain water or milk and dry foie gras with a paper towel once again. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, leaving for some more.


3. Wash fresh figs, dry with a paper towel and cut into thin slices.


4. Place half of foie gras into a baking form, topping with fig slices.

foie gras

5. Place the second half of foie gras on top and add Armagnac. If you do not have Armagnac, you can substitute with cognac, adding some Port, sherry or any other fortified wine. If you do not have Port, you can add a spoon of sugar into cognac and pour over the dish. Then nudge foie gras gently towards the sides of the form to touch.

foie gras preparation

Then you can place the form to the fridge for a day. In that case, you will achieve more intense taste and fragrance. However, you can start cooking right away too.
Cover the form with foil well. Pour some water into a baking tray and place the baking form with foie gras inside. Place into the oven preheated to 95-100 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

foie gras recipe
Once our delicacy is ready, cool it and place into the fridge for a day.
In a day, remove the form with foie gras, cut with the knife along the walls to separate the liver and flip it over on a dish.

ready dish

You are supposed to cut foie gras with a hot knife. You will need to pour nearly boiling water into a tall pan or vessel, heat up the knife and cut a slice of foie gras. Make sure you use clean and hot knife for every slice. Then your foie gras will not crumble and will look great.
Serve foie gras on a thin slice of a bun or wheat bread toast.

foie gras